Traditional Cowgirl Sex Position

One of the most enjoyable sex positions in the book is having sex with a cowgirl. It has great benefits especially if you are a woman who wants to take the lead in the bedroom. Cowgirl poses or women’s poses are great if you want to mix things up in bed and give your partner easy access to the clitoris. If done correctly, it can make you and your partner happy. When performing a cowgirl sex position, you may bend forward slightly above your partner, allowing the clitoris to rub against the pelvis. Instead of jumping up and down, your hips will rock back and forth in a gliding manner.

If you feel embarrassed about being on top, try bending forward to be closer to your partner. Hold your hands with them so they can help you move up and down and control the speed. It will also make a difference if your partner’s back is leaning against the wall (in a sitting position), and you can also use the wall for support. Here’s another idea for this Lean Back, instead of leaning forward, you can also lean back and place your hands on the top of your partner’s thighs for support if you want.

On top of being treated to a great view of your body, your partner has the opportunity to play with her clitoris, which quickly makes this pose a lot hotter and fun. Want to do reverse cowgirl, your partner can see you from behind while you enjoy the ride. Make sure not to bend or break your partner’s penis while you are in this position. This position is ideal for direct clitoral stimulation and many men like to perform this type of position during sex. Increases the chances of having an orgasm. The cowgirl position makes it easier for your partner to reach the clitoris. This allows your partner to manually stimulate you while also providing fun.

Finding ways to have better, more enjoyable sex isn’t a bad thing at all. Whether you’re looking for new sex positions to try, revolutionary sex toys to use, or want to do sex eruptions. Cowgirl is probably the most common type of “girl on top” type of sex position. In addition, it is easy to do. Just check out the picture below. If you haven’t been “top” before, Cowgirl Mode is a great place to start, and you can easily move on to other locations in the Cowgirl Sex Positions guide. The great thing about Cowgirl is that you are now the one in control which can be really fun if your guy is usually the one driving the shots.

Like I said, this is a very easy pose to have sex. Your man just needs to lie on his back while you stroke him with your legs on either side of his waist so that your knees are on the bed. You can place your hands on his chest, shoulders, or mattress to steady yourself, or you can place them on your thighs.

A guy doesn’t need to do anything in Cowgirl mode. But honestly, that’s not all about sex! While the man is lying on his back, he can simply push up and down. Or he can slowly move his hips in a circular motion to stimulate the vaginal wall. Or he can try to do both at the same time. The girl in the cowgirl mode, she is the one who controls to make simultaneous orgasm easier. The girl can jump up and down on the guy’s penis or alternatively, the girl can move her body with words and behind her for more fun and enjoyment. The girl will also notice that while leaning forward and backward, the girl can change the angle of entry.


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