Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore

Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore

Anarkali Bazaar is one of the oldest markets located in Lahore as well as in Pakistan. Anarkali Bazaar is the heart of Lahore. It is situated on the extremely well known shopping center street. Anarkali is divided into two parts, Old Anarkali and New Anarkali. In Old Anarkali there is a variety of food items and in New Anarkali there are many traditional handicrafts, clothing and gift centres.

Anarkali Bazaar is over 200 years old and is known as Anarkali due to a nearby tomb known as Anarkali Tomb, a slave girl buried alive by order of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Prince Selim, Akbar’s son felt love with her and as a result of that relationship she was buried alive. The tomb of Sultan Qutbuddin Aybak is also located in this bazaar. Anarkali Bazaar is the oldest market in Lahore and has been copied with the changing times by introducing new trends in the business. Today it can be considered as one of the best mall in Pakistan.

In front of this bazaar, you can find Lahore Museum. On one side of the old campus of the University of Punjab, the historic Lahore Government College, is known as the Government College University and on the other side is KEMC. Hundreds of years old buildings, gleaming points of sale, shops and busy streets make this bazaar the heart of Lahore and the people of Lahore. Prices vary in many ranges and are affordable for everyone.

There is a street called food street in old Anarkali where you can taste many types of delicious and spicy traditional food, also for fast food lovers there are many types of fast food also available with juices and drinks. If you get a chance to visit Anarkali Bazaar on a Sunday, you will notice that a lot of vendors are selling old books at a cheap price. Your chances of getting high are rare. Don’t get too excited reading the 1970s edition of Reader’s Digest or National Geographic. I’m proud to have a copy of the 1972 magazine that contains some great photos that I couldn’t locate on the web.

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