Sex On The Stairs

Some people find it difficult enough to go up and down stairs without injuring themselves. But then others get the bright idea of ​​playing on the stairs. Sure, it’s an adventure, but you can probably already see the danger here and why you might end up in the hospital after this situation. One misstep you, your partner, or both of you may end up imagining how bad it would be if you were naked and horny at the time.

If your staircase has handrails, use it and make sure you and your partner have good handrails. Want more risk reduction? Don’t have sex at the top of the stairs. Instead, move down and bring her to her knees for one of the last steps.You won’t slip so a lot on the off chance that you do, and that implies less wounds, and your sexual position may ultimately hurt you. So be cautious while picking the best sexual position.

You can choose another style if you want.Turn around taking off bird is what is happening that frequently shows up in pornography.. Those who perform this position are often incredibly strong and fit, so they can do so for hours on end. For an average rate, you may be able to last in a few short movements and not be more exciting than the Kama Sutra, but you can slip once and you can not only break your penis but also cause a number of other injuries to yourself and your body. partner.

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