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Safari Zoo Lahore

You must know the position of the safari park on Raiwind Road in Lahore, as well as its admission price, parking cost, timetable, activities, and attractions before you go. On this site, you’ll learn everything about it since Lahore’s magnificent spots will be the most memorable travel experience of your whole life.

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Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

The Zoo Safari park in Lahore, situated near Raiwind Road, is one of the city’s most popular attractions for visitors of all ages. Visitors to Raiwind Road Safari Park in Lahore get immersed in the park’s picturesque and natural setting.

Spectacular vistas of lush green lawns and gardens surrounded by towering shade trees are provided by the surrounding landscape. Because of the variety of wild creatures and birds that may be seen here, it’s a kid’s favorite.
There is something for everyone at Safari Park, and the wide variety of things to do here has made it a popular family destination in Lahore.

The safari park in Lahore is Thokar Niaz Baig.

Safari Park Lahore is situated in the middle of Adda Plot and the Lahore Ring Road terminus at Raiwind Road, roughly a 20-minute drive from Thokar Niaz Baig Chowk. 

Parking and admission charges

For PKR 20 adults, PKR 10 children, PKR 100 for LTVs, and PKR 250 for HTVs, you may access the site from the comfort of your car and take in the spectacular vistas.
The map on the iron board at the main entry gate of the safari park, Raiwind Road, Lahore, serves as a guide as you enter.
There are 242 acres (98 hectares) of the area in the Lahore Zoo Safari, which makes driving your own car the perfect way to see it. There are now paved roads throughout the Safari Park, which is great news for visitors.

The History of the Lahore Safari Park

In 1981, the Woodland Wildlife Park was founded as a government-funded public amenity and transferred to the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department (PWPD) in 1998.Since it was renamed Lahore Zoo Safari in 2009, the wildlife park has been seen as an extension of the Lahore Zoo, which is situated on The Mall Road in Lahore city.

Safari Park attractions and activities in Lahore

You can get up close and personal with the lions and lionesses of the jungle at Lahore Safari Park for only PKR 100 per person when you enter their cage-like enclosure.
Tourists are provided with a car with strong safety precautions by the authorities. The management of safari park Lahore in Pakistan has forbidden visitors from entering the park in their own vehicles after a number of terrible accidents occurred there owing to tourists’ disregard for safety rules and their disregard for the park’s safety policies.
In the distance, you can see several people with their camels, horses, and pony horses on a lawn.


Besides its fauna, Safari Park Lahore provides breathtaking vistas and a healthy environment for learning and enjoyment, in addition to its safari park attractions. Visiting this safari park with your family and children is a must since it is the only one of its type.

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