Famous Lahore Zoo

Lahore is known as the city of parks and over the years the authorities have made sure that the parks around the city are well maintained and well maintained. Just like Shalimar Garden and Jinnah Park, Lahore Zoo is one of the most famous places in Lahore that offers lush and open green spaces. It is claimed to be the oldest zoo in the Indian subcontinent and houses a wide variety of animals and birds. If you are in Lahore, you must visit this place at least once, especially if you have young children.How about we investigate why you ought to visit Lahore Zoo in this blog. Lahore Zoo was established in 1872 after Lal Mela Ram donated the cage. Construction for this began in the 1860s. From 1872 to 1921, it remained under the administration of Lahore and was managed through the Zoo’s Advisory Committee until 1962. Shortly thereafter, its management was assigned with the Ministry of Agriculture of West Pakistan, and later with the Department of Livestock and Dairy Development. Finally, the management of Lahore Zoo was entrusted with the management of wildlife and parks in 1982 and is currently under the management of the Lahore Zoo Management Committee formed under the Punjab Zoos and Safari Park Rules of 2012.

Since it was transferred to the Wildlife Department in 1982, a number of major changes have been made to the exhibits in building layout, landscape style, and management. Through these activities and development work, Lahore Zoo has become a self-financing organization that meets all its expenses from its own resources. It is the place where families gather during weekends and public holidays, especially winter and summer holidays. Lahore Zoo hosts more than 4.5 million people annually, which is not surprising as on any given day you will see that they offer clean and green spaces, properly built walkways, canteen facilities and a wide range of refreshments to ensure that all visitors have a good time.

Planning a weekend trip but don’t know the dates of Lahore Zoo. Well, you can visit anytime between 9am until sunset. This means that the time limit will definitely change from summer to winter. Other than that, you can visit the zoo seven days a week. For a small fee, you can enter a magical world of beings where your kids can explore a forest full of animal species in a controlled environment, with name cards and other details. This is a fun learning experience through and through. Although the Lahore Zoo is old, it somehow manages to stay in the heart of the city, on Mall Road. It shares a wall with Jinnah Park, and on one trip you can explore both the rare plant and animal species on both sides of the fence. Its location allows people to visit the place regularly and easily.


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